Online Giving

Make a one time donation or set up a regular draft in minutes

 Why Contribute to your Church Electronically? 

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Benefits to You:


  1. You do not have to remember to bring Cash or a Check each Sunday.
  2. You can Contribute how much you want, when you want, and as often as you want
  3. Automated payments help you to budget and smooth out your own cash outflow. 
  4. Save Money on bank fees if your Bank charges you a fee for writing a Check. 
  5. You can continue giving even if you are away on vacation or a winter snowstorm or sickness keeps you from attending Church. 

Benefits for your Church:



  1.  Allows your Church to Budget better, because it is aware of the cash flow it will receive.
  2. Provides a consistent Cash flow for Church expenses.
  3. Eliminates errors. 
  4. Saves your Church time and money.